And so it begins…

23 01 2009

So I’ve decided to get into the sadle again to create a game. Naturally, as I’ve now been into the Flash-industry for a year I’ve decided to go online and multiplatform using Flash and it’s intruiging 3Dcapabilities through PaperVision 3D.

Now, there is a game that I’ve longed to be able to create a reasonable clone of.

In 1983, EA released Archon, a game developed by Free Fall Associates.

It immediatly became a smash hit on the current platforms and the success was undoubtly about gameplay.

With mediocre graphics it succeeded to combine the tactics of a chesslike boardgame and headsup action where 2 players must meet up in fastpaced shooting and killing. The game got several followups and also fan-versions that was played wide even though it was not official releases.

Basicly the goal of the game was to either destroy the enemy completely, or control all 4 hot spots. These spots were good because they gave the defending player an advantage during battle. And what also contributed to the fantastic gameplay was that for skilled players, any piece on the board could defeat any other one. That meaning, the orc or knight (the pawns) could defeat the wizard or sorceress (the king) if played correctly. Difficult – but possible.

The game that (in my head) I’m about to create will have lots and lots of new and changed elements but still I would like just to introduce the game where I did draw my first inspiration from. If I can create the same great gameplay that that game did I have very much succeeded.




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