Starting up a gameproject

26 01 2009

I’m no expert but…

I will not start from the very beginning. There are plenty of great tutorials out there who explains actionscript 3 way better than I ever could with my struggling english (hey I’m a swedish peasant!) So the tips, tricks and tutorials in here will probably expect you to have some knowledge in basic use of Actionscript and foundational programming.

Now, where do you start when you want to create a game. Well, no matter the size of the game, be it a simple pong or the next gen smash hit MMO you will start with.. design. Everyone says it and everyone is clearly correct! Every time I create a game I always realized that I could have simplified much things by being more throughly with this part. Still I try to be better and better and things actually does works smoother for each game.

Now, I’ve already cheated because I have a pile of designdocuments already as this is a game that I actually started up working on 2006 for another platform. This is why I chose this project as it will kickstart and I can dive into the fun creating at once! For those interested in diving into some of those you will find some structural documents up at

Unfortunately, I understand that Flash 3D-capabilities has not reached the standard of the graphic quality of that project back then so it needs to be revided. Creating a 3D-game for Flash will all be about resources just like the good ol’ days. A perfect foundation for tweaks and tricks :)

I will today sit down with a big pile of small papers, classify all functions, units, guns, explosions and such to be able to create a solid core for the game. Coming up soon :)



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