Kill your darlings

9 02 2009

One of the most important tips I could give you in here is not in any AS3 area nor is it a 3D tweak but it’s a pretty common saying in many creative industries.

‘Kill your darlings’. The simple meaning of this is to try to be as objective as possible and don’t fall in love in some of your best functions, your nicest effects or you genius structures. The hardest thing you will face is when you show your work to the crowd/your friends/or even worse your children and they just say..  “Why did it act like that?” It’s so idiotic obvious and STILL they have the guts and ask such a question??? Or maybe: “So what am I going to do now then?”, “It feels like it’s warping”. But bugs, and bad playability can be dealt with. The WORST thing you will face is when things work terrific! When your effect is just heavenly and you have just created the smartest AI ever and then you’re audience is telling you that, “The effect is bringing the speed down”, or “The guys act too smart, remember it is meant to be casual game. Let them just jump out and be shot!”

I’ve worked with a couple of game publishers and game development has never been as hard as when it is chopped, sliced and stripped from all genius quality just because it need to be more accessible for a bigger audience. You’re genius gameplay is switched with an old overused controlscheme, just because people want what they always done…

Now, we are not all there and most of us will probably face that problem having to answer in front of a publisher BUT this is an important lesson to be learnt in everyday game development. Take this tank I created today:


This tank has been in my plans for a long time and when I finally created the flamethrower I think it looks just great to be Papervision. Still I know I cannot even consider using this weapon after creating it. Why? Well, when holding down the mousebutton, spraying out all that fire the fps drops under 22 fps. It’s a nice effect and I’m quite proud of the result but I know that in the end, I will cut off a lot of players if I let such a demanding effect be in the game. 22 FPS is no big deal but this is just one tank, what if both players use the tanks? Many players will have lesser performing computers than I have, there is still a HUD to be implanted, some collisiondetection, environmentart, sound etc…

Listing it up like this it sounds obvious not to use the effect but I see this over and over again. People fall in love in their physics, in their animated textures, in their multiplied blendmodes.. and in the end as the FPS drops they just can’t ‘kill their darlings’ and instead loose the interest.

Have I removed the idea of the flamethrower? No, not yet, I still have a couple of methods to try but Papervision is really a tight area and demands optimization and chokes immediatly at the slightest overuse of effects or bad coding. Just face it. Choose what few elements you want to have and stick with it. You cannot have shadows, particles and physics and in the middle of development include environmentmaps. You will have great screenshots but you will never be able to release the game to public.

Kill them. Move on.



3 responses

10 02 2009

Right… but can we still see the flame thrower in action?

13 02 2009

Hey Andreas,

Just leaving a message to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog.
Your explaination make sense, and it looks easy enough. Now I know that won’t be the case when I actually get to work on a project like that, but still, it’s inspiring.



13 02 2009

It’s great to hear. I’m overwhelmed by all the positive feedback I have recieved so far for this blog. Really hope you can put it to use so we’ll see some nice looking games (and other projects) out there.

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