Why it suddenly stopped. The future of 3D on internet

17 03 2009

It has been a long time since I wrote last post but there are several reasons for that. The main reason is that during the development of Archon2160 I reached a point where I slowly realized that regardless of all the tweaks, optimizations and tricks, Papervision is yet not as powerful for me to able to create the game I have designed and visualized. I have already stripped it down extremely much to be able to fit it into the box that PV3D 2.0 provides but as I added HUD, some AI, basic environment and it’s collisiontests it just is clear that I am maybe a little, tiny bit too early for this project. I know that the wonderful team of PV is working hard to bring it to full Flash10 support which might be the answer.

Flash 10, do have some great speed enhancements which will come in handy and this blog will continue to bring you tips and tricks but maybe broaden the subject so it will be more general and flexible when it comes to tutorials for Papervision.



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17 03 2009

For 3D I kind of look forward for Unity3D windows port :)
Even tough FP10 did brought some optimizations it still is kind of far… Hardly even level of PS1 or even iPhone 3d graphics…

17 03 2009

have you considered using unity3d?

18 03 2009

That’s so sad! Even if you’ve put on hold the devlopment of your game I still hope that’t you’re going to post some tips and tuts as helpful and clear as the previous ones. They really helped me to understand many things.
Even if the game runs slow, you can still teach us how to make some AI, texturing, camera animations ect.
I’ve just spent 2 days trying to set up the camera where and how I wanted it, for some reasons it was very difficult to get the perfect angle.

18 03 2009

can we at least see that last demo?

18 03 2009

That’s too bad. I was really loving your blog posts. Your game idea and demos are awesome. It appears that Unity3d will be the way of the future for gaming on the web. The company I am working for is going in that direction and starting to do projects with Unity.

23 05 2009

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