My name is Andreas Jirenius and I’m a flashdeveloper at X-COM (http://www.x-com.se)

Half a year ago I came in contact with PV3D and as I have been creating games for different platforms over the years I found the flashplatform to be an excellent challenge for my next project, Archon 2160. In this decision I also decided to document my first attempt of creating a game using PV3D using this blog.

As the tagline hints, this blog is mainly focused on the exciting and creative experience of developing 3Dgames for the Flash platform. I could, of course, call it something very general like “the creative blog” as gamedevelopment tend to stretch towards all possible and impossible areas of development such as gamedesign, graphics, music, sfx, level-design, dialogues, scripting, 3D-theory, texturing, modelling, design patterns, math etc. etc.

This blog and all it’s content (if not mentioned otherwise) is created by me (Andreas Jirenius) and is somehow a documentation of the journey I just started with Actionscript and PaperVision3D. Just thought it would be a good idea to share the knowledge during the small projects and also maybe help some people out there who are about to start creating 3Dgames for the web.


I might be wrong


7 responses

8 02 2009

Love this blog bro. ViewportLayers needed basic interpretation for us noobs. i love ut 99 (online) still. This is a great blog for giving life to those big ideas we all want to realise some day soon. U ROCK!

9 02 2009

Lovely articles keep them coming:)

10 02 2009

hi, Thanks for your effort. Excellent stuff ;) I’ve just started reading…..

11 02 2009

Nice work !! Thank you for your effort!

12 02 2009

Awesome Blog, I’ve just discovered Papervision and this is a great way to show it off.

18 02 2009
Scott Petrovic

This is something that could become huge. There is very little in term of 3d game design and development with Flash. It is still pretty bleeding edge with internet technology. I am rooting for you that you can develop this to a polished level. I will definitely subscribe to your RSS and follow you with enjoyment

5 03 2009

Hi, Andreas
I was reading your blogs and tried some of the examples and realized that I don’t have the assets used in the code. For example, mcExplosion1 in Special Effect. I hope that I can download the assets in the code and be able to run it.

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