The challenge of creating a game without writing a single line of code

26 01 2009

If you’re new to OOP (which I still do consider myself to be) words like Interfaces, Abstract classes and Polymorphism might sound pretty intimidating, but trust me, it will make your life so much easier (no your private life, don’t mix polymorphism into that!). 3 years ago when I started up this project and coded in a very simple 3d environment (Blitz3D) I coded in classical functionbased way. Using a lot of codefiles and structured foldersystems worked but for each playerunit that was added the code got heavier to support and bugfix. The big catastrophy happened when I decided to look at networking and multiplayer parts.

The whole static code for each unit needed to be rewritten to allow smooth multiplayer communication. And so the project came to a halt.

Now how can we prevent this?? Well, at least we can make it much easier to support and change in code without the whole project is falling apart by using these nice OOP features and design patterns. Even if it also will mean some extra code for startes it will mean a lot LESS code by the end of the project as we will be able to reuse a lot of the code.

Now here is my challenge:


The actual game (stripped from multiplayer lobby, scoreboards, rankingsystems, boardmode etc) is a simple 2p fast paced game where the players control one unique unit chosen from 10 different units. They will drive, fly and roll around on an battlearena trying to kill each other with different types of weaponarsenal. Each type of unit will have different ways of control, transport, behaviour and weaponry. AND there will be networkcode! The game will be in 3D but the units themselves will be controlled on the flat arena surface (for now) which means that we can actually start creating this game as a 2D game until visuals will be an issue.

The first thing that pops up in my head is: components!

Yes, of course. If I just could have a general unit with actually no things mounted at all on it we could just add what is needed to create a unique unit. Say we add some way of transportation (wheels? wings? teleporter?). We also need some control system to use the transportation with. Then we add some kind of weaponry. To the weaponry we need ammo (as this could actually be different to one single gun). At last we could add a “black box” containing data about damage and such which could be useful in such a game.

Without really creating any useful code that does something, we at least have a structure of the units we will play around with. Using my small pieces of papers I could write down something like this:


  • Controller
  • Transportation
  • Gun
  1. —– Ammo
  • BlackBox

Now we have a great foundation to create as many different combat units that we want to, structured in a meaningful way. All we need is to have some kind of engine to take each unit and go through these components step by step and give them the same general command.

Eg. Engine takes the first unit, a tank. First checks controller if any button been pressed, then it checks the transportation and uses the data it got previously to steer the tank in a “tankish” way. Finally it checks wether a gun has been fired and if thats the case it uses the weaponcomponent to fire away a bullet of the Ammo-type.

The same procedure will be used wether it be a single soldier, an aircraft, a laserbeam or guided missiles. Time to get it into code… stay tuned!